About Victoria Johnson

My story

A Child of Adoption. Small Town Preachers Kid. A Teenage Pregnancy. Failed Marriages. Food Banks. Cancer. You Could Say I’ve Been Through A Lot…

Life lessons have made me a champion of overcoming pain and adversity. Instead of becoming a victim, I have turned my life experiences into love lessons that I share with my readers. My life started out with feelings of shame and abandonment followed by adoption as a toddler. Recognizing that everyone can relate to being abandoned at some point in their life, I’ve dedicated my life to helping other overcome and to heal these feelings. I’ve learned over the years that if these feelings of abandonment and rejection are left untreated and unresolved, they become the basis of how we make many of the choices in the blueprint of our life.

It is my passion to help others weave a beautiful and happy life by learning and growing from reading about my life experiences and in turn, for my readers to then use what they have learned as a catalyst to make changes in their own lives.

 This is how my book “Do That & Then Some” was born. You will find my  book very relatable as it covers issues that are important to all of us such as healing, prosperity, health, our inner child and relationships.

I want you to know that you are no longer alone.  You don’t have to feel ashamed or anger from your own life experiences. “Do That & Then Some” will help you to heal, learn, grow and live the life you have always dreamed about and so rightly deserve.

Victoria's Recent Accomplishments

-National Trainer for Canada for Heal Your Life Teachers and Coaches, representing a company that is the largest self-help publisher in the world.  Victoria supports and facilitates people through their spiritual and professional evolution

-Hay House Expert, Click Here to check out her profile on Hay House

-Podcast host with listeners in 100+ countries

-Internationally Certified Business and Success Coach with clients from all around the world

-Victoria is a Certified Business Trainer in ‘Managing with Heart and Mind’ and ‘Personality Dimensions’ and has taught and trained in Canada, the USA, India, and the UK

-She is a Certified Christian Mickelsen Rapid Results Coach

-Dale Carnegie Certified Public Speaker and Leadership Training expert.  Victoria teaches in a conversational style that uplifts and inspires people while providing plenty of “aha” moments

-Multiple Franchise Business owner. Currently #1 in sales in the world in her area of health and wellness

-30+years as an entrepreneur, building businesses that empower and help others, and former corporate executive

Testimonials From My Workshops, Seminars And Success Coaching

“You were great. Thank you!”

“You did amazing! You were funny, warm and knowledgeable. Such a wonderful day, it went by too fast”

“You were fun, engaging, loved the personal examples. Very up beat!!!”

“You’re fantastic. Great to meet you. I loved today.

“What an absolutely profound experience. Whether you want to pursue this as a career or for personal growth you NEED this training. You will not regret it.”

“One of the best personable trainings I’ve ever had.”

“I had forgotten how much LOVE is in me. This training has re-awakened my TRUE SELF.

“An amazing, beautiful way of healing and connecting with other wonderful souls.”

“I am forever changed and grateful for the love, support, and encouragement.”

“This workshop was transformational. I can’t wait to share this with as many people as I can.”

“It truly was an amazing learning session where I discovered the many layers of myself, and found that I do love myself.”

“Thank you Victoria, your workshop completely transformed my life!”

“Victoria is a warm and loving coach who encourages others to be more.”

Victoria taught me that loving unconditionally starts with loving yourself first”

“Victoria’s training was exceptional, thank you so much for the wisdom and experiences you shared”

“Your workshop opened my eyes, I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life”

“Victoria’s knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver the material in the workshop was beautiful”

“Victoria is an excellent leader, speaker, coach and trainer”

“Victoria is the most beautiful teacher, I am so blessed to be part of her training”

“Victoria took me to a place of honoring and trusting myself”